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School Facilities

A school can be a very diverse place. Lots of people, with lots of backgrounds, come together and complete different tasks to affect the future. In addition, each institution in a system is at different levels of development on construction fronts- or not. To manage this complexity, we need a flexible design approach in order to ensure that every school environment meets its intended function regardless of size, site quality or geographic location. School facilities are important since they serve as the grounds where scholastic exercises are held, where students learn from their teachers and from one another in their respective disciplines based on their individual interests.


We have a wide spectrum of spaces that ensures quality campus life for students in a multi-cultural, diverse environment. Some of our campus facilities include:

Class-room Attached Play Area

Computer Lab

Tablet Lab

3D Lab

Advance Science Lab

Art & Craft Lab

Dance & Music Lab

Sick Room

Girls Room



Fire Safety

Safety and Security

The safety of our students is incredibly necessary. we try to create every and each student feel safe inside the premises, and also the folks feel secure concerning their child’s whereabouts. Which is why, besides ancient security guards, we’ve got put in many CCTV cameras inside the college to supply that additional layer of safety. We conjointly rigorously scrutinise the backgrounds of every member of employees and dealing personnel who come into direct or indirect contact with students.

Quality Environment

The setting inside the premises is additionally a very important think about the healthy development of scholars. Our building is meant to make sure high indoor air quality, the proper temperature, adequate lighting and correct ventilation. we’ve rigorously hand-picked building materials so as to enrich every of those necessities for the very best profit to our students.